Where am I now? Life after the Manchester MBA 2.0

Well, hasn’t time flown? It is almost three years since I finished the Manchester MBA and two years since I last gave you an update on where I am.

In the intervening years I have had the fortune to correspond with many readers who are considering Manchester Business School for their MBA journey. I have had the further pleasure of meeting some of you in person who have made it to the capital of the North. Continue reading

Life after the Manchester MBA

So, life passes. The minutia of my experiences in the Manchester MBA recede into memory. It’s been ten months since I stepped outside of Booth Street West as a student for the last time and it already seems a lifetime ago.

I know from your correspondence that the biggest question that most of you have is where have my MBA colleagues and I washed up now we are set adrift in the big wide world? Continue reading

What I really learnt on the Manchester MBA

Last time out I gave you my highlights of the Manchester MBA. Now, as promised, I’m giving you the rundown on my key learnings from the programme.

Don’t worry, this won’t be a dull review telling you that I now know how to calculate net present value or can recite Porter’s Five Forces ad nauseam. No, this is about taking it away from the academic side and and focusing on the lessons I’ve learnt that will be of real value to me in my new life.

So without further ado, are the top 5: Continue reading

Manchester MBA – The Highlights

Now the dust has settled, the detailed reflection on the Manchester MBA can begin. In a future installment of this blog I’ll be ruminating on the true learnings I’ve taken from the past year and a half (i.e. the deep and meaningful gains, not just how to do a net present value calculation) but today I’ll be running down my personal highlights from the course.

So *cue the countdown music* here goes (and forgive me for any contradiction or repetition of my half time post – this list is subject to change at the whim of my nostalgia): Continue reading

Final Term Over – What Next?

As the hangover fades from the term-ending MBA ball, the truth sinks in. The Manchester MBA is finally over. Thoughts turn towards the next phase of life – what is the next step for me? Continue reading

Final Term – International Business Project

So the final term is upon the Manchester MBA’s Class of 2014 and with it comes the famous International Business Project, the capstone of the whole MBA programme. The project involves teams of students taking a live brief from a company with three months to provide a professional standard piece of consultancy.

Of course, we’ve already completed three other projects during the course. So what makes this one special? Try these for size: Continue reading

RSM Private Equity Contest – Always the Bridesmaid!

Second Place. Again.

The Manchester MBA’s team have just returned from the Rotterdam School of Management’s European Private Equity Competition and, as seems to be the recurring theme in my MBA, finished second to the hosts by one judge’s vote at the final stage. Again, the feeling of “what might have been” is gnawing at my insides but is mollified somewhat by the knowledge that multiple finishes in the Champions League positions is at least a sign of consistent performance. Even the great Matt Busby had to finish second four times before winning his first league title at Manchester United. Continue reading

Manchester MBA Term 5 – Time to Choose

The penultimate term of the Manchester MBA is well underway and the tick-tock of the job clock inexorably eats away at my last six months as a student. The university’s spin around the term is that we’re given more breathing space to get to grips with the job hunt. The reality, however, is that I seem to have less time than ever. Group projects, individual papers and team assessments are lining up ominously with the spectre of pitches for our International Business Project pitches in early December following close behind. Continue reading

Google internship done – New term up

So, after three months my summer internship at Google has been successfully negotiated and the MBA stage at Manchester Business School begins. Only six months until I’m back into the big bad world of full time work!

While I’d hoped to bring you regular internship updates, my hectic schedule – commuting between London & Manchester plus project work and regular essays required by MBS – unfortunately prohibited this. Due to confidentiality reasons I can’t go into much detail about my time at Google but can give you a brief overview: Continue reading

Diploma stage over

After ten months of case study reading, essay writing, mock merger negotiating and project researching, the diploma stage of the Manchester MBA is finally over. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sat in a lecture theatre with my new colleagues being told what hard work it was all going to be. Now, with the final term’s M&A and UK Consultancy projects finished, we move onto the Summer and, for me, an eleven week internship at Google. Continue reading