Making Friends

Funny thing, friends. When you’re young you can’t seem to stop making them. They just seem to attach themselves to you like post-it notes to the back of the class stooge. When you get older, it becomes more strenuous. It’s almost like the position of “friend” becomes closed. You are no longer accepting applications.

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First Day at the Coal Face

Its over. The first day of the rest of my life.The Manchester MBA. And I just feel drained like a shrivelled lemon husk.

Why? It’s not as if I had to think too much. The day mainly consisted of listening to academic & business members of MBS say their various pieces, laying down the rules and giving us a flavour of what we will be learning (Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Economics during the first term if you’re interested). Continue reading


Since my first post last week, a few of you have contacted me and asked for advice on the GMAT test. I was fortunate enough to get a score of 750 on the exam but don’t let that fool you into thinking I have a magic bullet that will help you get to the heady heights of 700+. Sadly the secret is nothing more than practice, practice and practice again. Continue reading

Fear: Pre-MBA Nerves

This is it. One week away. A full time MBA at Manchester Business School. The trepidation is kicking in big time. Have I done the right thing? Will I end up on top of the world or penniless and jobless in the gutter? Continue reading