Pre-MBA: The Brathay Experience

Three days back from the Manchester MBA Brathay experience and I’m only just starting to recover from the exhaustion induced by three days of adrenaline-fueled high-jinks, liver abuse and lack of sleep all mingled with that great Lake District leveller – the inclement weather. Continue reading

The Invasion Begins

They’re here.

The freshers.

Wide-eyed ingenues wandering around the university keen to pick up their free pizzas, pot plants and ‘Take me to your dealer’ posters. The dwindling remnants of their adolescent angst and sexual desperation wafting in their wake. They are in the big city now and are ready to let it rip.

They have, however, brought an infectious energy to the place. We are now no longer just studious, diligent MBA’s. We have the younger generation to nip at our heels and remind us that, despite our desire to learn and achieve, life is after all, about fun.

The MBA Mindset

Two weeks into the Manchester MBA and the promised wave of work still hasn’t fully broken onto our heads yet. I’m certainly busy but still have enough time to record these reflections for you. Continue reading

A Novel Idea

Not strictly MBA related but thought I’d use this forum to share one of my other recent pastimes:

Two and a half years ago I was sitting, bleary eyed, on my sofa, waiting for the appropriate hour to wake and feed my then six month old daughter. I was watching an ITV documentary on the UK pension situation which was discussing how most of the country would be virtually penniless once they reached retirement age. Whether it was the tiredness or the growing hopelessness of the impending crisis, from somewhere came a flash of inspiration. I finally had my idea for the novel I always told myself I would write. Continue reading

One Week In

So, one week down, 75ish still to go. Several lectures, one ticking off for lateness and one drinking session at Revolution on Oxford Road, all crossed off the list.

How do I feel at this first milestone in my MBA mission? If I’m honest, I still have that nagging feeling of uncertainty eating away at me. Have I made the right decision? Am I wasting my time here? Continue reading