A Novel Idea

Not strictly MBA related but thought I’d use this forum to share one of my other recent pastimes:

Two and a half years ago I was sitting, bleary eyed, on my sofa, waiting for the appropriate hour to wake and feed my then six month old daughter. I was watching an ITV documentary on the UK pension situation which was discussing how most of the country would be virtually penniless once they reached retirement age. Whether it was the tiredness or the growing hopelessness of the impending crisis, from somewhere came a flash of inspiration. I finally had my idea for the novel I always told myself I would write.All this time later, I have finished my first draft. It’s been difficult finding the time but I’ve finally done it. The novel – provisionally titled ‘Entropy’ – is a piece of speculative fiction, set in the near future (2048 to be precise). A future where the fledgling issues of today – unfunded pensions, world over-population, food shortages – have become very real nightmares.

The first draft of Chapter One is posted here (apologies for the slight repetition of the intro). Note that it does contain some profanity so please don’t read if you are of a sensitive disposition. Not sure where I’m going to find the time to revise the manuscript given my intense commitments on the Manchester MBA but I will finish it.

One day.

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