First Day at the Coal Face

Its over. The first day of the rest of my life.The Manchester MBA. And I just feel drained like a shrivelled lemon husk.

Why? It’s not as if I had to think too much. The day mainly consisted of listening to academic & business members of MBS say their various pieces, laying down the rules and giving us a flavour of what we will be learning (Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Economics during the first term if you’re interested). Maybe it was the 1970’s lecture theatre. Maybe it was the rapid release of the nervous energy that had been building for a couple of weeks. Maybe it was the pressure of trying to meet and memorise the whole cohort of 115 in a one hour lunch break. Either way, my head is banging. Just got an hour and a half to hold out so I can give the boy his evening bottle and get to bed.

So what have I learnt in my first day on the Manchester MBA?

Well, first and foremost, (if I didn’t know it already) we are all going to get beasted. Pinned down and force fed work, work and more work until we shriek for mercy. Staff and students were at great pains to stress the sheer volume we are going to have to juggle over the next 18 months. Hopefully, a little of this is expectation management or my blog posts are going to be few and far between!

Hope that we aren’t going to be worked into drones, capable only of parroting the four p’s  of marketing and the latest tenets of corporate finance, came from the MBA Student Council. The way they described it, we will be spending our time at MBS party-partying and indulging in a year round sporting extravaganza. The truth, as ever, is much more nuanced. I am under no illusions that we will be nose to the grindstone for much of the time at school but life wouldn’t be worth living if we couldn’t squeeze in a little fun every now and again.

Finally, I was tickled to learn that the Indian students at MBS love using the phrase “believe you me”! I hope to bring you more international linguistic quirks as they come in.

The day finished with a quick catch up with my team for the Not for Profit project that runs in the first term. A Colombian banker, Indonesian auditor, Indian Marketeer and an Italian salesman make up the group. Happily, everyone seems organised and raring to go so hopefully we won’t have to resort to pulling all-nighters to hit the deadline.

Can’t wait for tomorrow…..


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