Life after the Manchester MBA

So, life passes. The minutia of my experiences in the Manchester MBA recede into memory. It’s been ten months since I stepped outside of Booth Street West as a student for the last time and it already seems a lifetime ago.

I know from your correspondence that the biggest question that most of you have is where have my MBA colleagues and I washed up now we are set adrift in the big wide world?

Starting with my colleagues; most of them seem to fall into two camps. The first have ended up in London and have secured a UK work permit (or didn’t need one in the first place). These have mainly ended up at various consultancy firms (e.g. HCL, Infosys, EY) but there are also a number in finance (Amex, Goldmans, Credit Suisse) or even in more marketing roles (Johnson & Johnson). The second group are generally back in their home country either by design or due to not being able to secure a UK based job (although this latter group is pretty small and their lack of success was often due to not being organised and focused enough early in the process – if you haven’t been planning and networking during the course it is difficult to pull a dream job out of the bag when it is all over).

And then there’s the rest of us, of which I am one. We are essentially a mish-mash of MBA’s who haven’t followed the classic consultancy / finance MBA path.

As to my situation; to be honest, I haven’t sorted myself out with a “proper” post MBA job yet. I knew from the start that a jump to the corporate world was not for me at this stage in my life. Instead I have been working for myself as an independent consultant across a wide range of briefs that have mainly been sourced from networking. I’ve done business plans for university spin outs and expensive start-ups, market analysis for a major retailer and digital strategy for an SME. My main gig, however, is as an Investment Manager at a Venture Capital Firm which has worked out well – 4 days a week there and 1 day a week (plus any spare hours) on my other projects. It’s gratifying that I am putting my MBA knowledge to good use – VCIC was not wasted after all! It’s an interesting and inspirational job – just seeing what the entrepreneurs have achieved always gives you a kick up the pants – and one that I am happy to do for the foreseeable future. And yet…..

Doing the MBA creates an itch that needs to be scratched. Somehow, somewhere, I want to be doing my own thing. Working at a place with an ownership stake and the shot at financial independence. The Venture Capital piece does help a little but it doesn’t have the same buzz as running your own business. One day I will have to grasp the nettle and strike out on my own or forever regret it.

One day my MBA friends, one day…..

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  1. A proper job post MBA is what every student aspires for. However, I believe it’s essential to figure out what one wants to do first. Simply looking for the best B school for finance or marketing isn’t the end of the road. You need to figure out your own thing before that and it requires quite a bit of self-introspection and quiet thinking.

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