Making Friends

Funny thing, friends. When you’re young you can’t seem to stop making them. They just seem to attach themselves to you like post-it notes to the back of the class stooge. When you get older, it becomes more strenuous. It’s almost like the position of “friend” becomes closed. You are no longer accepting applications.

I’ve always found that the closest chums are those who are in the same boat as you, whether that be the same school exchange trip, random house share or graduate intake. The bonds that are created by the group of you against the world are always stronger than those that are more casually made. Once you start your working life these situations become fewer and fewer. You may become bosom buddies with those bright-eyed graduates you start your career with but as you rise up the greasy pole things like promotions, seniority and ambition get in the way of bonding with kindred spirits.

This is what is so exciting about the Manchester MBA. I’m back in that rocking boat. Who among the nervous throng filing into the lecture hall will be my new friends for life? The nervous Korean chap? The garrulous Italian? The grinning Mexican? I can’t wait to find out.

So who wants to be in my gang?

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