Where am I now? Life after the Manchester MBA 2.0

Well, hasn’t time flown? It is almost three years since I finished the Manchester MBA and two years since I last gave you an update on where I am.

In the intervening years I have had the fortune to correspond with many readers who are considering Manchester Business School for their MBA journey. I have had the further pleasure of meeting some of you in person who have made it to the capital of the North.

The common theme in all these conversations was a desire to know where the Manchester MBA had taken me. Well, to pre-empt the same question when I meet more of you in the future, here we go….

First up, I actually finished my novel! I had previously given you a sample and many of you were kind enough to compliment the work and inquire whether I would post more of it. Well now you can finally read the full work. If you are intrigued about a tale that eerily presaged some of the Trumpian events of today you can get a copy here via Kindle, iBook or general ebook.

Workwise, after a couple of years as a Venture Capitalist, investing in tech companies in the North West of England, I got the opportunity to flip to the other side of the table, working for one of the said companies. After much soul searching I decided to jump. So now I am a hipster start-up dude: Head of Product at data and predictive analytics operation Metafused.

I can hear a thousand MBAs cry out in pain before being suddenly silenced! So many of you have approached me, desperate to get into VC, so you must be astounded why I would move on. I owe you an explanation.


You did WHAT?

I did love Venture Capital and I learnt a heck load in my two years there. I would also have no compunction in returning to the role in the future if it made sense. However, as I spoke about last time, I had an itch I wanted to scratch. The opportunity to be part of the senior team at a stellar start-up was just too exciting to resist.

One of the great things about VC is the breadth of businesses and business models you are exposed to. You never know what will land on your desk that day. The variety of intellectual challenge was something that VC in common with my previous career in advertising and was super stimulating. And yet, despite this, you never really got under the surface. It was always the entrepreneurs who built the companies and drove the value. I never ceased to be in awe of those characters who risked everything to live the dream. I felt that my education as a business professional would never be complete unless I had ridden that start-up roller coaster, engaging in the daily struggle to nail product-market fit and then building something to be proud of, rather than just contributing from the sidelines.

Despite the ups and downs, the uncertainty of whether you will make it, I do not regret my decision. I have seen business in its rawest form, red in tooth and claw. I have made, and executed, difficult decisions that I would not have been exposed to if I had stayed in my bubble of comfort. Wherever this adventure ends up I will have built on my Manchester MBA skills and be ready for anything….

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