One Week In

So, one week down, 75ish still to go. Several lectures, one ticking off for lateness and one drinking session at Revolution on Oxford Road, all crossed off the list.

How do I feel at this first milestone in my MBA mission? If I’m honest, I still have that nagging feeling of uncertainty eating away at me. Have I made the right decision? Am I wasting my time here?I am, however, old enough and ugly enough to recognise that feeling as the imposter it surely is. It is the reflex you get whenever you make any change in employment or life circumstance. The pain of loss inhibiting the excitement of the new challenge. All of that respect, status and belonging you’d painstakingly built up over a number of years, gone with the stroke of a pen on your letter of notice, replaced only by the unfamiliar.

In this vortex of the unknown the ego plays tricks on you, questioning your motives, your ability and your confidence. My antidote to this negativity is to remind myself of all the the reasons that I’m doing this MBA in the first place and to draw on my previous experience of change to imbue myself with the sure and certain knowledge that all the doubts will past and, soon enough, I’ll feel like I’ve never been doing anything else.

I am doing the right thing…..

Here’s to week two!

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