Dodge, Duck, Dip,Dive and Dodge at MBAT 2013

I write this one week on from the most exciting, social and fun experience of the Manchester MBA so far. No it wasn’t another stimulating piece of academia or even internship related shenanigans. It was instead the annual MBA Tournament (MBAT) held at HEC Paris. Continue reading

Internship at Google

I’ve spoken previously on this blog about the slight air of panic amongst various members of the MBA cohourt as the deadlines, interviews and offers for the big banks and consulting firms came and went. I also mentioned that the anxiety was misplaced as most firms don’t start advertising their MBA internships until April/May. I’m happy to say that my optimism has been proven right. We seem to have an almost daily email from career services stating that some firm or other has a summer project or internship they need someone to help with so the class of 2014 are filling their boots with applications and interviews. The positions tend to be from a mix of Manchester, London and International based firms. Continue reading

Third term starts here

After a (too-short) one week break to catch our breath, the students of the class of 2014 are back for the third term of the Manchester MBA. This time we are without our colleagues from the second year (class of 2013) who are now all done with their MBA and have to tip-toe back out into the big wide world and earn their keep for the first time in 18 months. We’ll miss them all although it will be nice not to have them clogging up all the computers in the lab 😉 Continue reading

Sustainable Venture Capital – World Champions

Out of the ashes of multiple defeats comes the phoenix of victory – 2013 Sustainable Venture Capital Competition World Champions!

The MBS team headed to North Carolina for the global final in hope but not necessarily in expectation. But we did it – beating off competition from Oxford, Stern, Ross, Duke and UNC to take the top prize. Continue reading

Business Planning on the Manchester MBA

Second place again!

This time the runners-up garland came in the MBS business planning competition where the team were pipped to the post once more on a split judges decision

So I miss out again. But am I as gutted as when I narrowly missed out on VCIC or McKinsey? I would answer no. We were beaten to the punch by a great idea and there’s no shame in that. Continue reading

MBA Internships + McKinsey Interview

The smell of mild anxiety is pervading the MBA air at the moment. It’s internship search season. Those of us who are not sponsored by a particular company are scrabbling around, trying to secure a summer placement and avoid having to come back to school for another term of classes. Continue reading

Manchester MBA FAQ

MBA recruitment season is upon us and accompanying this has been a steady stream of questions from potential applicants to Manchester Business School in the hope that I will give them the killer answer that will make their mind up whether to commit or not.

I am, of course, more than happy to help. However, with the winter term starting to rev up with internships search I may not have the time to get back to people before their interview or decision deadline. To this end I’ve compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions that will hopefully help anyone who is currently going through the process: Continue reading

Second Term Up

After three weeks of loafing, sleeping and beard-growing we’re finally back for the second term of the Manchester MBA programme. Whilst those in the class above are buzzing around on the International Business Project, those of us in the Class of 2014 are back in the lecture theatre filling our brains with the knowledge needed to be a business leader of the future. Continue reading

First term down…..

The first term of the Manchester MBA is now officially over. Five exams in four days have been successfully (I hope!) negotiated, ten-thousand word reports have been submitted, celebratory beers have been drunk and temporary farewells wished. Continue reading

Venturing forth with the Manchester MBA

24 hours on from the climax of the Manchester MBA’s Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC) school heat and I’m still numb with fatigue and disappointment. Our team came within a gnat’s leg hair of snatching the prize. First place was tied with another team so it went to a judges vote. We were pipped to the title on a split decision. Continue reading