Second Term Up

After three weeks of loafing, sleeping and beard-growing we’re finally back for the second term of the Manchester MBA programme. Whilst those in the class above are buzzing around on the International Business Project, those of us in the Class of 2014 are back in the lecture theatre filling our brains with the knowledge needed to be a business leader of the future.So, one week in, here is the run-down of what we’ll be up to this term:

Strategy – Looking at how to analyse a business situation and devise the most appropriate way forward.

People, Management and Organisations – Still not sure about this one. The outline talks about the course being a mix of analysing organisational structures and looking at the “people factor” within firms but I haven’t quite grasped this yet. Hopefully, the weeks to come will bring more clarity.

Operations Management – How organisations devise and run their key business processes to deliver outputs from the given inputs. The Prof. on this one seems pretty challenging and likes to put students on the spot which bodes well. It’s always good to be kept on your toes.

International Business and Innovation Management – Another course I’ve not quite got my head round yet but as far as I can tell it is about running businesses in a globalised economy and harnessing the relentless pace of innovation (whatever that may actually mean in real terms).

European Business Plan of the Year – This is an optional module but I’m pretty certain that it will be the one which sticks with me more than any other. Like VCIC in the first term, it is a team competition with the winners going on to represent MBS in the European Business Plan of the Year being held in Athens. The idea is to teach you how to write a top-notch business plan to secure investment from venture capitalists and business angels. Incredibly, the school (and many other business schools) have never run business plan training before so this is a great, new, opportunity for us to unleash the inner entrepreneur.

More MBA Reading

More MBA reading that may – or may not – be completed come exam week in March!

The lesson structure has changed from the first term. We’ve moved from 90 minute sessions to 3 hour marathons (albeit with a coffee break in the middle) so it could turn out to be an endurance rather than a memory test if we’re not careful.

In addition, this term we are not encumbered with any project deadlines (in the first term we had the NFP project) although there will be a few prep sessions for next term’s M&A and UK consultancy projects. Hopefully it means that the pace of the term will be much more steady away than the last but, given that we have to divert a lot of our energy into securing MBA internships, I’m not holding my breath.

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