The Manchester MBA begins in earnest

The full time MBA at Manchester has finally started in anger. The pre-MBA stage with its fun in the rain at Brathay and gentle warm ups in Accounting is no more. We’re now a week into the real thing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the first term at MBS involves, here’s a quick run down:

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Pre-MBA: The Brathay Experience

Three days back from the Manchester MBA Brathay experience and I’m only just starting to recover from the exhaustion induced by three days of adrenaline-fueled high-jinks, liver abuse and lack of sleep all mingled with that great Lake District leveller – the inclement weather. Continue reading

The MBA Mindset

Two weeks into the Manchester MBA and the promised wave of work still hasn’t fully broken onto our heads yet. I’m certainly busy but still have enough time to record these reflections for you. Continue reading

One Week In

So, one week down, 75ish still to go. Several lectures, one ticking off for lateness and one drinking session at Revolution on Oxford Road, all crossed off the list.

How do I feel at this first milestone in my MBA mission? If I’m honest, I still have that nagging feeling of uncertainty eating away at me. Have I made the right decision? Am I wasting my time here? Continue reading

Making Friends

Funny thing, friends. When you’re young you can’t seem to stop making them. They just seem to attach themselves to you like post-it notes to the back of the class stooge. When you get older, it becomes more strenuous. It’s almost like the position of “friend” becomes closed. You are no longer accepting applications.

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First Day at the Coal Face

Its over. The first day of the rest of my life.The Manchester MBA. And I just feel drained like a shrivelled lemon husk.

Why? It’s not as if I had to think too much. The day mainly consisted of listening to academic & business members of MBS say their various pieces, laying down the rules and giving us a flavour of what we will be learning (Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Economics during the first term if you’re interested). Continue reading

Fear: Pre-MBA Nerves

This is it. One week away. A full time MBA at Manchester Business School. The trepidation is kicking in big time. Have I done the right thing? Will I end up on top of the world or penniless and jobless in the gutter? Continue reading